The old God no one disputed in creation

Allah said about Himself :

Allah says:  ]      Quran: 59/ 3[ :

((He is the First  and the Last, the Ascendant and the Intimate, and He is, of all things, Knowing )).

He said , ” It is the Last Day , which comes after the end of the first day . This is logical and reasonable .

If he is wronged on the first day, if he cannot take his right, he will take him on the other day. This is like two cars that went beyond the law and went beyond the speed set by the government, so the radar picks up one and the traffic cop sees it.

The first one was immediately arrested…The second does not think that the radar will go unpunished, even after a while, either by letter or when his license is renewed …This is a simple example of darkness and aggression . They will be punished either immediately in the life of this world or in the Hereafter , until justice is in the hands of all .

This is akin to the situation of the criminal, the unjust, the aggressor and the evil in the world, who will be punished sooner or later.

And this one told him he created everything and knew everything, and he was capable of everything, and he couldn’t do anything, and he needed everything, and…And no one else came and said, “No, I was the one who was created, and I was the one who preceded him in doing so, and so…

Like a guy who has a company, he has employees, he’s already told them he likes discipline at work, he’s gonna be rewarded, he’s gonna be punished.

He showed them that those who come on time and master their work are rewarded by the owner of the company with an increase in money, rank and status.

Any person who is late for work or who fails to work shall be punished for the abuse of his or her hands.

That if he looked at him when he was young, who would look after him in the breath: exhale and breathe?

– And those who invented that obnoxious word, God Delusion, began to say that he only doubted whether God existed or not.

And they will be told , ” Since you have questioned something , have you followed that doubt and listened to him who says , ” The Lord exists ? “Do you understand what he wants from you?

If you want to buy a cell phone, a laptop, any electronic device, an electronic wallet or a regular, and you’re told you don’t believe that these things exist and can be useful, you’re between two things that don’t have a third:

Either you believe in what you have heard without any evidence , and leave in it much good and good for you , but you have lost it .

Either you go to them and you listen to what they say about it and by showing both good and evil about these things and through their influence, their impact, their benefits, and the truth of their experience, and your experience of things that are written about them, that they are unique and…In addition to your mind, which distinguishes between fire and fire, you will surely be able to reach the truth.

This is the example of someone who was told a lowly talk about a respected person, who believed him and worked unverified.

He loves faith , and loves good , and to Him belongs the Garden , wherein all things are beautiful .

And set fire to the breacher.

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