What about the human being is evidence of the existence of God

If nature or coincidence were to say, “Who created it?” We’re gonna keep asking who’s found…And this gets us into the role and sequence as someone in a vicious circle who’s waiting to get out of it, and he doesn’t know that it’s a closed circle, and every time he goes back to where he started, he’ll know that he’s got the universe in the orbit where he was going.And so man, if he didn’t respond to the faithful counselor, he would have lost his life, and most of those counselors were prophets and messengers of the God who was the Creator, and they were the medium to convey the message to creation.

It is said to anyone who claims to suspect the existence of God: Did he ask himself who created this heaven and that earth? And who created man and distinguished him from all other creatures? Why are human beings in this way and other creatures in different ways, each living with and adapting to his environment?

And this vast, vast, vast universe, whether in the two earths or in the upper heavens, including the precision and complexity of going at the height of extreme precision with a system that has not deviated from it since it was created (Allah) until it ends at the end of the world by order of Allah, where the sun will come out of Morocco and the universe will change in preparation for something tremendous …It is the Last Day that begins after the end of the Day .

One of the simplest tangible evidence in our lives is that there is one who tells himself that a Creator of others knows everything about his creatures that benefits them and harms them, and that he also tells them that he has made optional matters for them, such as: “I believe in him or disbelief in him or in the doing of good or evil,” and that there are things in which the creature is not chosen, and that the good for him is that, if he makes his breath, then what will a man do when he is asleep, whether born or born or grown up?

And the wise one made it for himself; for he sleepeth not , nor sleepeth , nor was he tired , and everything is with him in measure .

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