Able to create dead and revive an existing god

The true God can’t do anything, but he can do everything because he knows everything, and he has everything.

The prophet Abraham said: “The Creator who exists has asked him to show him how the dead are revived! If this God were not a creator , he would take four birds , then melt them , cut them , and make a part of each mountain , then call them . So he would meet him , and he would see him .

The prophet Moses: I see the mountain as a cloud , and I see it as dust , and this is known in the Jewish religion , and in the Mount of Prophecy , which is in Sinai , Egypt , and in the vicinity of a Christian church , and Muslims who know it , as well as the defection of the sea for Moses , and those with him who are Jews , and the drowning of their enemies is something that all Jews know and celebrate the day when Moses survived , and they fasted him thanks to the Almighty , who saved them , and drowned their enemy Pharaoh and his soldiers .

Jesus Christ , the son of Mary , used to wipe out the son of a blind child and the patient of any disability that the doctors had no way of treating , and he told them of the absences; and he made birds of clay, and he blew in it; and he commanded them to fly before them; and their parents and relatives and their acquaintances lived before them; and Christians knew the table that had come down from heaven; and Muhammad , as a prophet , raised it up to the seven heavens , and went from Mecca to Jerusalem and brought him up to the heavens with peace; then he returned in part of the night; there were no planes nor any electric means; because that was in the seventh century; and in modern knowledge , signs and images appeared from him , that he made the moon split in half; and clear images of the sun appeared to him , and he answered him until they saw him with their eyes and some ancient civilizations , and they recorded him in their books , and in the modern knowledge , and in the time , there appeared signs and images , and images of the split of the moon , and there appeared clear images of the sun , in which made the way of the Quran;

The Prophet asked the Creator to bring the clouds down , and the rain came down , and the unbeliever saw him before the believer . He called on the enemy in a battle quite unequal in number , or in readiness , or in gear .

Doing all these things is extraordinary, because it came from someone who created the habit, it’s impossible for the creatures.

When measured to the Creator’s knowledge, the difference is purified for the creatures, but for the true God you do the word (kn).

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