Cosmic Signs of the Last Testament (the Holy Quran) of the God of this universe

What does a reasonable person understand in a book that has been in existence for more than 1,400 years (in the Holy Koran) tells of several very complex and scientific accuracys that are now valid, such as:

_Flacks orbit in specific swimways:

And this is just as the most obvious colored images have emerged, and they go in their paths in countless numbers . There is no cosmic disorder , no collision between planets , no stars . They are not influenced by the forces of cosmic attraction .

Oxygen decrease, chest distress, suffocation with heights:

Did the listener of that book at that time know about the opposite proportionality between height, oxygen, and atmospheric pressure?

Unseen barrier between Bahrain:

This is well known to all, and people saw it with eyes and walked over it with their boats and ships.

Raise the sky without pillars that people see:

Whether there are pillars that we do not see, or if there are no columns, as you notice, the size of the sky and its galaxies, and the highness of the heights, so is a sign and an example of who is considered to be.

Moon split in half:

In a sign which each of them saw , and was the answer of the true God .

The existence of extraordinary things:

The likeness of that which happened in the birth of the prophet Jesus and before him was the ark of the prophet Moses , when his mother put it in the ark , and threw it into the sea , when she was commanded by the God who existed , and told her that he would bring it back to her , and that he was raised in the house of Pharaoh , and that the sea would be broken up for him and those who were with him .

Breaking the habit of having summer fruit in winter and vice versa:

As with Mary or Jesus, when Zachariah was in peace, her brother-in-law went in to check on her.

Far-fetched things happen: the prophet Abraham and the prophet Zachariah were born as old men.

Permutation between the vibration of the land and rainfall:

Through the stages of seed and plant formation, the earth’s vibrates are activated by its components and microorganisms.

Construction of a spiderhouse by a female spider and that this house is a degenerate house:

His house is home at all, and family ties are broken. Everyone eats everyone.

Creation will return to their owners and creators:

Because he is their owner and their Creator , and they will die , and they will be sent back to him , as he began them the first time .

Vaccination through the wind.

Signal of mountains of water in the clouds!

The true God brings historical facts that have been in the midst of time:

The true God of the Unseen told the world that Abraham was before both religions: Judaism and Christianity , and that he was the father of the prophets , as well as between the truth in the matter of David and Solomon , and that Christ was a human being .

How could he be a Jew or a Christian, and the book of the Jews and the Christians did not come down until after Abraham had peace? This is a contradiction of mind. In this sense, the mind is considered to be evidence, but only provided that it is not contrary to the law.

This is in the stories of the prophets, all of them throughout history, from the very beginning of Adam’s creation, passing through Noah, Idriss, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Zakaria, Yahya, Jesus, and his mother, upon whom is prayer and peace…

Speaking of the sons of Abraham and identifying prophets of the descendants of Isaac and Jacob Israel, Joseph’s story, and what happened with Abraham and his son in Mecca, and the king of Joseph, and his presence in a time other than the pharaohs, through signs of names and titles, thus speaking of the king of David and Solomon, and the truth of their command, and their slandering…

These and other things have been reformed by wrong historical information about them, and a course has come from the ancient presence of the true God, between right and displeasure, doubt, and suspicion.

So these things, how did they go? If there were no one to find it , and to do it , no one would know it , but when it was revealed by this God , which was known to men , and they did not deny it , this proved to be the knowledge of an ancient God .

– In yourself is evidence of a wonderful photographer’s Creator:

If he looks at himself, this brilliance and beauty in creation, in handsomeness and in human form, from face to face, to the smallest thing that can be seen from man…

For example, why are his hands so much?But notice that if it went long enough, the food would go behind his back on the left side, and if I fell short, the food would go behind his back on the right side.

If he looked at his fingers and his toes, he wouldn’t have had four fingers on one side and one on the other, while the two men had five fingers on the same side.

And if there were to be no contact between the fingers, and if there were to be a stop, there’d be a need to do, to stay, and so on, to run and walk other than the animals whose fingers are in one direction, how do you walk? How do you eat?

Does a hand other than a human need a fine fist and a strong fist, and a man can hold a sewing needle with a finger and a thumb and can hold a hammer or a sword or a gun or a writing or…

Into the palm of any human being from within with the numbers in which the Arabs write in the bottom of the right hand 18 and in the bottom of the left hand 81, both of which are combined and subtracted:

_ First, at the collection: 18 + 81 = 99 the number of God’s famous good names.

When subtracting: 81_18 = 63 age of the Prophet Muhammad, pray for peace.

Is that a coincidence too?

This is usually the case for those who have deformities or whose hands have changed because of the work or disease, the first disaster or for whatever reason, is not measured on them.

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