Every creature if he said, Allah would feel something to pull him up

Every creature if he said, “Allah” would feel something to pull him up:

You see why he said “Allah” in particular? He is the true God , unlike God , or any other name , because God may be true , and may be false . So he gathers on Gods , unlike the word “Allah ” , which confirms the stability of the innate knowledge of the existence of a true God , the Creator of this vast and complex universe .

And when a man sits alone and hopes for something like his children’s old age, or the end of a misfortune, or anything in good or evil, he looks to heaven.

And if everyone looks around it in heaven or in the earth, but in itself, if I do his vision, his mind, his mind and his heart, I will deliver him that these things that exist must have existed; or else the creature and the creature will be leveled up; and if they exist, they will also be removed; and they will have a lifetime that ends then they will not be left forever; and this is no different; because before he is born, and after his death and his burial, he will not exist; but the Creator says, “I am not the first like him or before him!” And if someone said it, they’d be charged with insanity, definitely, because someone older than him had attended his birth and that before his mother and father were associated, he didn’t think he was gonna give birth to them or not? Is it gonna be a boy or a girl?And is he happy or sad? How old is he?How’s his life?How?And how…While the Creator of the True God (Allah) told him that he was created only and told that it was forbidden to do certain things and to do certain things, he told Alah, through his messenger, that a certain animal was forbidden from all other animals, and that one of them was washed up in dust. If he came with all kinds of detergents, he would only benefit from what he told, so why is that particular animal? He told the Messenger of Allah to pray for peace that in one of the wings of the flies a disease and in the other a cure for that disease…So.

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